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NPHC Columbia SC


The Columbia Pan Hellenic Council was chartered on June 8, 1960. Members of four sororities and four fraternities began meetings in the mid-1950s. The first draft of the Bylaws and Constitution was created September 21, 1958. There have been many revisions since that time, but the purposes have remained the same.

  • To consider problems of mutual interest-cultural, social and civic.

  • To make recommendations to the members of the sororities and fraternities

  • To serve as a clearing house for programs and projects sponsored by the member organizations.

Charter Members


Alpha Kappa Alpha (ΓΝΩ)

Mrs. Emma Able, Mrs. Ethel Bolden, and Mrs. Francena Robinson


Alpha Phi Alpha (ΑΨΛ)

Mr. Raymond Bailey, Mr. A.T. Butler and Dr. Harry B Rutherford


Delta Sigma Theta

Mrs. Maurice Harrison, Mrs. G W Henderson and Mrs. Dorothy Russell


Kappa Alpha Psi

Mr. J. A. Aiken, Rev M. E. Cox, and Mr. Joseph A. Johnson


Zeta Phi Beta

Mrs. Helen Anderson, Mrs. Thelma Fisher and Mrs. Alberta Stevenson


Sigma Gamma Rho (ΒΕΣ)

Mrs. Catherine Morris, Mrs. Etta Sightler and Mrs. Catherine D. Thomas


Phi Beta Sigma (ΒΧΣ)

Dr. H. Bynoe, Rev Isaiah Henny and Mr. Daniel Thompson


Omega Psi Phi

Mr. Charles T. Brooks, Dr. Noble Cooper, Sr. and Mr. W. J. Gilliam

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